Returns & Refund Policy

Last Revised: 2024-01-23 14:11:21


Please note: We put our customers first and will do everything we can to help you work out any issue. Our customers are never on their own and we pride ourselves in a 5-star support service. We'll do our best to solve any problems with our products or services in general.


We do encourage all customers to contact Luckist customer care at, for any assistance, clarification, feedback, issues, challenges, or help.


We will work things out and make sure you're 100% satisfied and happy with our service.


Refunds: Before a refund is granted, you'd have to allow us to try and help. Contact us via E-mail and please allow 24-72 hours for our Support Team to get back to you. We do our best to answer a lot faster to your requests.


Regarding the nature of the service, which is mentioned in the general terms and conditions and terms of use, our service is based on achieving competition standards, and since ticket(s) is/are not digital content (or service) makes the ticket(s) non-returnable. There is no “purchasing trial” which means all sales are final. Once you have purchased the ticket(s), there is no way to “return” it. As such, refunds cannot be provided.


We can process a refund If you do not receive your ticket(s) either on the site or by email for any reason, provided that 72 hours have passed since the purchase was completed.


Refunds will not be granted if you simply decide to cancel or withdraw your participation.

We also reserve the right to refuse a refund in following situations:

- you have changed your mind about your participation.
- you participat by mistake and the ticket(s) was sent already to you.
- You have decided to withdraw your participation because we extended the time time of the competition after it failed during the original period to achieve the minimum number of tickets that must be sold.

** Note: According to the terms of use mentioned in Clause 8.4.2, we have the right to extend the competition time period if it is ranked as a failed competition.


If this happens and it turns out that it is possible to make a refund for reasons related to you, We will return the purchase amount to your wallet on the website after deducting a processing fee = (7%).

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