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There is nothing more exciting and fun than betting on your favorite magical box.

With LUCKIST it’s become so easy.

Don't waste your time

You can participate in the announced competitions for any of your favorite prizes and enjoy earning instantly prizes instead of waiting until the draw date.

Good Luck

With LUCKIST there is no “better luck next time“, With LUCKIST everyone is a winner.

get your prize

With Magical Box, you can make profits and get instant prizes.

What is the magical box prize

cash back

Up to 100% cash back for the full amount paid when purchasing a Magical Box. 


Special discount coupons up to 100%.

mega prize

A cash prize worth up to £100 for the luckiest winner every week.

how does it work

  • Each Magical Box contains colored boxes, each of them has a minimum and maximum purchase quantity.
  • When you purchase any of the Magical Box, Tickets for one of the existing competitions will be added automatically on your cart in quantity as like as the quantity of Magical Box you specified.
  • You will receive cashback directly in your wallet once you complete the purchase.
  • The cashback value varies depending on the colors of the boxes and the quantity you purchase.
  • Buying a larger quantity of Magical Box does not mean that you will get a higher cashback value.
  • In conclusion, you are betting on the colors and quantities of the Magical Boxes, and in any case the Magical Box will not disappoint you.
  • Depends on your luck. Mostly, if you don’t get cashback, you will definitely get a special discount coupon, But with our Magical box you may get both together.
  • We will attach a downloadable document to you containing the coupon details after you complete your purchase .
  • Every week there will be 3 boxes containing the 100% discount coupon, so hurry up and get it before anyone else.
  • If you do not get any cashback or coupon, this means that your luck is better than others because you will receive a cash prize.
  • Of course, the cash prizes vary from one magic box to another.
  • Cash prize values vary, and there will be a box containing £100 each week. So, who is the luckist?!

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Magical Box is available every Sunday and Wednesday,
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Grand Prize

The Grand Prize Competiton is your opportunity to get extra found and increase your budget, the adventure of participate to any competition will become more enjoyable
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