be the lucky, get your prize

Everyone is a winner

There are many ways to win in luckist

This applies to regular raffle prizes or even cash prizes

You can participate in the draws for the announced prizes normally by purchasing tickets as regular, but what if you had the opportunity to increase your chances of winning the prize and grow your cash balance?

Here you can learn more details about some of Luckist’s exclusive benefits

  1. “only for the new participators”: When you make your first purchase on the site for any of raffle tickets, you will receive a ” buy one & get one free ” as discount coupon for your next purchase.
  2. You can grow your wallet balance on the site through referrals Learn more, Or by participating in special competitions with instant cash prizes Learn more
  3. “Luckist monthly bonus”: according to users activities either through participation in competitions, successful referrals, etc. there will be a monthly bonus for the best ten users up to £100
  4. “Investing in discount coupons”: grow your wallet balance by reselling your coupons. all you need to do is to buy a coupon from Luckist coupon store then simply resale it
    you can sell it several times to users registered on the site or even new visitors or your friends and family members.**

   ** what distinguishes this discount coupon?

  • First: It is yours alone
  • Second: You can use it personally to get the discount whenever you want
  • Third: You can set the coupon price as you like



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Grand Prize

The Grand Prize Competiton is your opportunity to get extra found and increase your budget, the adventure of participate to any competition will become more enjoyable
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